The Natural Chef Day and Cupboard Clearing - £1,200
The Natural Chef Day (6-hours) - £600
The Natural Chef Day (4 hours) - £400

The Natural Chef is a bespoke nutritional service available to our patients with our naturopathic nutritional chef who will spend up to a maximum of six hours in your home, showing you how to prepare meals that focus on optimal nutritional value and great taste! The goal is to incorporate whole, organic, in-season, fresh and minimally processed food wherever possible. You will be expected to provide all ingredients on the day, following an initial telephone consultation with your chef to discuss what you would like to get out of your day

Your designated chef will be educated in naturopathic nutrition, the energetics of food; informed of any essential kitchen do’s and do not’s in terms of your specific condition. You will gain individualised nutritional advice, profeessional advise and insight into foods that harm and foods that heal, and the benefits of juicing. The Natural Chef service also offers an add-on ‘cupboard clearing’ exercise where wrong foods are removed and replaced with healthier choices via a local shopping trip, or an online shopping experience. This will be offered on an additional day.

Both Juliana, our Master Nutritionist and Aliyyaa work with you to find the best ways to make your transition to a healthier lifestyle workable for you and discuss this with our chef prior your scheduled visit.

  • ‘Eating for Health and Eating with Cancer’ Workshops are schedule to start in 2019 – an excellent choice for those wanting the best from their food.