Boosts cell-regulation and stimulates cell-energy which increases cellular vitality and activates self-healing. Creates an electromagnetic field which regulates the cells. Oxygenation becomes more effective and metabolism is increase.


The What and The How

A magnetic therapy device, the cell regulator mat produces an automatically controlled pulsating electromagnetic field which penetrates your body, naturally strengthening weakened body functions. The entire metabolism is activated with oxygenation becoming more effective, the immune system stabilised and cell regeneration improved.


Regular use of ozone has many benefits. Because it enhances circulation, it provides an oxygen-rich environment for cellular rejuvenation. It can clear plaque from arteries, restore acid/alkaline balance, improve nutrient assimilation, and remove toxic deposits from the intestines and colon. All these actions of ozone make it a profoundly powerful tool for life extension and anti-ageing.

 May assist in achieving the following:

Improve circulation even in the smallest veins

Reduce pain

Improved function of the immune system

Improved physical and mental performance

Enhanced vitality and well-being

Improved relaxation and aid a restful nights sleep

Optimisation of the effect of complementary therapies or orthodox medical therapies

Can be used in self-regulation of fatigue, psoriasis, eczema, acne and migraines

Contraindications and Side-Effects

Pregnancy, pacemaker, epilepsy, acute heart rhythm deviations, cardiac insufficiency, acute fungal and bacterial infections, organ transplants, heavy blood loss and electronic brain implants.




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