Aliyyaa Spring-Charles BSc (Hons) ND MRN mCNHC

Aliyyaa’s integrative approach includes functional medicine, laboratory testing and current evidence-based research, which is proving hugely successful for hundreds of cancer patients who have sought her help to bring about the best supportive care, quality of life and survival outcomes before, during and after conventional treatment. Aliyyaa’s knowledge of natural and technologically advanced treatments, warm empathic personality and willingness to listen is most mentioned and appreciated by the broad cross-section of patients seen in clinical practice, and most importantly her attention to the patient-practitioner relationship. Renowned amongst her fellow peers to optimise the slogan ‘prevention is better than cure’ she works diligently to provide reeducation for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Aliyyaa is the founder of Hope Spring Clinic and the President of the British Naturopathic Association (BNA) and the General Council and Registered Naturopaths (GCRN), the largest and oldest registering body for degree educated practitioners of Naturopathy in the UK.

You can be assured with Aliyyaa and team you will receive the highest standard of clinical practice, education and ethics.

Juliana headshot.jpg

Juliana Bernardes MSc BSc (Hons) ND mFHT

Juliana is a Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and wellness expert. With a passion for nutrition, a sharp focus on the latest scientific research and with her practice firmly rooted in the Functional Medicine model, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise to help clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.

In contrast with the current 'one size fits all' approach that is so prevalent in the current healthcare paradigm, Juliana takes into account the bio-individual needs of each client. She uses cutting edge functional diagnostic laboratory testing in her clinic to develop personalised protocols, which include achievable dietary, supplemental and lifestyle guidance. Juliana relies on evidence-based scientific research to support her work and understands the importance of keeping herself up to date with the developments in the nutrition field.


Aaron Lewis BSc (Hons)

Aaron is a degree educated Sports Therapist who brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to Hope Spring and you the client. Friendly and dedicated, Aaron’s approach is to facilitate the prevention of further injury and rehabilitation to an optimum level of functionality and fitness.

A keen rugby player and martial artist, he is no stranger to injury and empathises with his clients from a subjective standpoint. Treatment focus includes assessment of trauma, one-to-one rehabilitation programmes. advanced sports massage, postural assessment and correction, strapping and taping.

Aaron is registered with the Sports Therapy Association (STA) and on the PSA accredited voluntary register, ensuring a commitment to high standards, safety and a better service.


Lisa Smith, Clinic Manager

Lisa’s has 26 years’ experience working in the dentistry field. It was here that she was responsible for managing multiple clinics throughout the UK, as well as large teams as a registered manager for the CQC. Her much sought-after professionalism expanded into surgical sales and training dental consultant’s and their teams.

At Hope Spring Clinic Lisa upholds the naturopathic approach to health and wellbeing with each patient. She has always enjoyed being part the patient journey, and ensures that it is patient focused.

Lisa is also the Registrar and Secretary for The British Naturopathic Association (BNA) and the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN).